Sort Code Bank Branch City 1: 404878 | 40-48-78: Nordea Bank Ab (Publ) Nordea Bank: London


Bank name; Full name on account; Bank (clearing) code (3-digits); Branch code ( 3-digits); Account number (6-9 digits). Make sure that you don't include your 

Den som har ett personkonto hos Nordea men valt att inte ha sitt personnummer har 11 siffror i kontonumret. Clearingnummer är då de fyra första siffrorna i nummerserien. Bankkontorskod i Sydafrika kallas branch code, clearing code, routing number eller sorting code och består av 6 siffror. Ibland är 8 siffror angivna på fakturan men endast de sex första siffrorna ska anges i bankkontorskodfältet. Registreras enligt följande exempel: //ZA123456. BIC-kodens längd är alltid 8 eller 11 tecken.

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New capabilities for businesses and treasurers. If you have a personal account in Nordea where the account number is the same as your personal identity number, please specify the clearing number as 3300. The Internet banking services of Nordea, the OP Bank Group, Danske Bank, S- Pankki You will find the reference number in the My Evli service or in your client  SWIFT codes means Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Code. The Swift/BIC code is used to identify a particular branch of a bank or  BIC Code. Participant Code.

(For NB Personal accounts (code Personkonto), the clearing is always “3300”).

NORDEA BANK FINLAND PLC, LONDON BRANCH Branch Sort codes, Phone No., Use our Short Code Finder Tool to find NORDEA BANK FINLAND PLC, Banks in Northern Ireland can be part of either the British or the Irish clearing 

Sweden Nordea For international and high value payments, only Nordea bank and/or PlusGiro account may be used. Nordea bank account number must be 11 digits.

Blanketten måste vara Nordea tillhanda senast 10 bankdagar före If unsure how bank account, clearing- and account number must be 

This Swift code NDEASESSFDS is applicable for Stockholm location in Sweden. When transferring funds to another bank, you must always state the clearing number, followed by the account number, without extra characters like a hyphen, full stop or a space.

Nordea clearing code

Clearingnummer kan t.ex.
O rikshawala

Ensure that you are connected to a Central Counterparty (CCP) directly or via a clearing broker in case you expect to trade OTC derivatives that are subject to the clearing obligation.

Idag finns Nordea i ca 20 länder över hela världen med huvudkontor i Stockholm. Mer om Nordeas clearingnummer. Vill du läsa mer kan du göra det på hemsidan för Nordea.
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On the whole, you should use 57A which requires the BIC value. But for some domestic transactions you need to use the 57C option, and must indicate the National Clearing Code. Sometimes if you wish to make an international payment you may be required to indicate the appropriate National Clearing Code.

This SWIFT BIC code list was searched 245 number of times in the past. Inform Nordea about your Clearing Category via or your daily contact person. Ensure that you have entered into a Clearing Execution Agreement with Nordea in order to be able to execute OTC derivative trades subject to the clearing obligation.

Postnummer och ort/Postal code and Place. För insättning av lön på konto - fyll i bankkonto clearing- och kontonummer *) och bankens namn /.

1400-1448 NDEASESS. Nordea Bank Sweden: 1449-1999 NDEASESS. Nordea Bank Sweden Bank account number minimum 2 and maximum 8 digits. Clearing code is not used. Sweden Nordea For international and high value payments, only Nordea bank and/or PlusGiro account may be used.

LEI code Number of employees.